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March 28, 2018

Our new boat is nearing completion and more photo's are available in Gallery - New Boat.

March 23, 2018

Certificates were recently awarded to the following on completion of their Coastguard Boating Education Day Skipper course.

Congratulations to

Lindy Johnson – Crew
Lisa Julian – Crew
Don Worth – Radio Communications

Welcome aboard

March 21, 2018

Beautiful evening to take a launch off the pole moorings and manoeuvre it up channel into the marina and back out again.   

COASTGUARD WHANGAMATA CALLOUTS FEBRUARY 2018. All assisted vessels and persons on board returned safely to port. 03 Feb. Powerboat 7.3m. Engine problem. 7 P.O.B. 11nm E of Whangamata. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to the Whangamata boat ramp. Total Coastguard man-hours 16hrs. 03 Feb. Powerboat 6m. Engine problem. 4 P.O.B. 6nm E of Whangamata and being tow assisted by another vessel. The towing vessel requested towage takeover by Whangamata CG. Close to harbour CRV GJ Gardner Ranger met with both vessels and tow assisted the target vessel to the Whangamata boat ramp. Total Coastguard man-hours 4hrs. 03 Feb. Launch 11m. Near Slipper Is. 4 P.O.B. Call for assistance to 2 persons on board suffering severe sea-sickness. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger met with the vessel and relocated the 2 persons back to the Whangamata Wharf. Total Coastguard man-hours 15hrs. 03 Feb. Launch 11m. Fuel tank empty. 2 P.O.B. 2nm E of Onemana.. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to the Whangamata wharf. Total Coastguard man-hours 7hrs. 17 Feb. Launch 9.5m. Propulsion problem. 3 P.O.B. 2nm E of Onemana. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to the Whangamata Marina. Total Coastguard man-hours 19hrs. 18 Feb. Powerboat 6.5m. 2 P.O.B. West of Slipper Is. Oil alarm alert for shortage of oil to motor. A WVCG shore based member purchased the required oil which CRV Gardner Ranger then delivered to the assisted vessel. CRV Gardner Ranger accompanied the vessel safely back to harbour. Total Coastguard man-hours 11hrs. 22 Feb. Kayak. Urgent assistance required. 3 P.O.B. incl 2 children. 200m E of Donut Is. Request for assistance from NZ Police. CRV Gardner Ranger Crew were alerted but stood down 10 minutes later. A Vessel of Opportunity (VoOP) close nearby responded to the radio transmissions and advised that they would assist the target vessel. A special thankyou to JIGALO the VoOP for their assistance. 24 Feb. Powerboat 7.5m. Engine problem. 3 P.O.B. 7nm E of Alderman Islands. Coastguard Eastern Region received the call for assistance. CER then contacted the Whangamata CG Duty Officer who activated Tairua/Pauanui CG Rescue unit to assist the powerboat. CRV Pauanui Rescue tow assisted the powerboat back to Tairua harbour with Whangamata CG providing management and communications support. Total Whangamata CG man-hours 10hrs. 25 Feb. Powerboat 5m. Flat battery. 5 P.O.B. incl 3 children. Dogger Bank. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger assisted with battery jump start and then escorted the underway vessel back to the Whangamata boat ramp. Total Coastguard man-hours 10hrs.

March 2, 2018

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November 26, 2019

September 7, 2019

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