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March 2017. All assisted vessels and persons on board returned safely to port.

06 March Launch. Anchor rope fouled propeller shaft. Off Onemana. 3 P.O.B . CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata Marina.

07 March Launch. Mechanical gear failure. Near Slipper Island. 2 P.O.B.

CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata Berth.

08 March Yacht. Slipper Island. 2 P.O.B. Incident call received from Whangamata Marina Office who had taken an urgency phone call from the yacht. The yacht attempted a return to Whangamata in very rough storm conditions. Due to the extreme weather, the yacht was forced to head north, running with the storm. Both Tairua/Panuanui and Whitianga Coastguard vessels were activated to conduct a search for the yacht. Five hours of searching in the prevailing conditions produced no result other than to confirm that the yacht had not foundered on shore. Both Coastguard vessels returned to port with crews exhausted.

There were no further communications with the yacht following the two early cell phone calls.

All concerned were very relieved when a call came late in the day that the yacht had made shelter in The Cove at Great Mercy Island.

A good result from a very stressful day for all Coastguard volunteers involved, including the two rescue vessel crews, two incident management teams, radio comms operators, and the co-ordinated efforts of the three Coastguard units that serve our eastern coastline.

The following day, conditions had eased sufficiently for the yacht to make its return to Whangamata.

08 March Storm problems. The Whangamata Harbourmaster requested assistance to vessels on moorings and in danger of sinking from the heavy rainfall. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger responded and pumped out 4 vessels.

09 March Member of the public reports Surfer in possible difficulties near Surf Club. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger crew activated then later stood down on advice from the Police that the incident reported was a a drifting log.

20 March Hobie Catamaran overturned south of Wharekawa Harbour entrance. 1 P.O.B. Incident call taken from Coastguard Eastern region. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger despatched to assist. On arrival the Hobie cat had been righted with the assistance from a vessel of opportunity. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger stood by and confirmed the Hobie Cat sailing again and safe in Wharekawa harbour.

23 March Launch. Engine failure. 1nm E of Whangamata Harbour entrance. 2 P.O.B. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata mooring

25 March Power-boat. Engine failure. 5nm WNW of Mayor Island. 2 P.O.B. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata ramp.

29 March Power-boat. Steerage problem. 9nm ENE Whangamata entrance. 2 P.O.B. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata ramp.

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