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April statistics


April 2017. All assisted vessels and persons on board returned safely to port.

01 April Report received from a Launch of an object of interest in the waters 8nm ESE from the Whangamata Entrance. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tasked to the target area. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger recovered target which proved to be a deceased animal. Total Coast Guard man hours - 15hrs.

04 April Yacht. Unable to retrieve fouled anchor. Homunga Bay, 2nm north of Waihi Beach. 1 P.O.B. With initial assistance from Waihi Beach Gallagher Rescue the anchor rope was cut. The yacht skipper then requested an escort to Whangamata harbour. CRV GJ Gardner Ranger was tasked to assist and escorted the yacht to a Whangamata Marina berth. Total Coast Guard man hours 17hrs.

08 April Power Boat. Engine failure. 60 metres SE of Third Island. 2 P.O.B.

CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata ramp.

Total Coast Guard man hours 13hrs.

14 April CER/Police advised CG Whangamata of 4 people being reported in possible difficulties off Ocean Beach, Whangamata. Both CRV GJ Gardner crew and Surf Rescue placed on standby. People in question made it back to the safety of the beach shoreline unassisted. All units then stood down.

15 April Personal water craft. Aground in Whangamata upper harbour. 2 P.O.B. Phone contact made to CG Whangamata but no assistance required. Owner recovered PWC later with incoming tide assistance. Recovery monitored by CG Whangamata.

27 April Yacht. Engine failure. Off Onemana. 1 P.O.B. Due to the Whangamata entrance high sea swell conditions and the low tidal water factor CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted the yacht to a temporary safe anchorage in the lee of Clark Island. At the conclusion of CRV GJ Gardner Ranger crew training later that evening the yacht was tow assisted to a Marina berth. Total Coast Guard man hours 21hrs.

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