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July Call Outs 2017

Land-based radio operations personnel assisted with two of the following incidents:

04 July Launch struck rocks at marina entrance resulting in propeller damage. The Skipper contacted the on duty Coastguard Radio Operator requesting they contact the Marina Office to arrange for an immediate vessel lift-out. The Marina Office confirmed the immediate availability for lift-out. CG RO then advised the Launch skipper and the Launch was successfully lifted out.

17 July Launch. One of its twin engines failed. 3 P.O.B. In transit from Waihau Bay to Whangamata with approximately 4-5 hours travel-time to Whangamata. CG Whangamata Radio was advised of the situation and maintained listening watch on progress. No CRV assistance required as the launch continued under power on one engine and later arrived safely at Whangamata.

23 July Catamaran 8m. Adrift after slipping its mooring during the night. Between outer marker and Clark Island.

CRV GJ Gardner Ranger tow assisted to Whangamata visitor’s mooring.

Total Coastguard man hours 11hrs.

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