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All assisted vessels and persons on board were returned safely to port.

10 July Launch. 13m. Engine failure. 6 POB. 3nm NE of Whangamata Entrance. CRV GJ Gardner Rescue responded and tow assisted the vessel to a Whangamata Marina berth.

Total Coastguard involvement 14 hrs.

27 July Civil Defence Exercise “WET”. Being a support agency for the exercise, CRV GJ Gardner Rescue was tasked to attend to a Launch moored in the Whangamata Harbour. The Situation being, 1/ the Launch had on board an injured crew member and 2/ the Launch because of the storm’s torrential rain downpour was taking on water. The vessel having no electrics through flat batteries was unable to pump out the incoming precipitation. CRV GJ Gardner Rescue reached the vessel, pumped out the water taken on and then transferred the non-critical patient to a waiting Ambulance at the Whangamata Wharf.

Total Coastguard involvement 19 hrs.

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