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As is to be expected with the approach of winter Coastguard activity was much reduced in the month of May with the radio only being manned at our Operations Centre for 91 hours. At all other times Coastguard Channel 04 is watched over by the Regional offices to give 24hour coverage. Some of the necessity to man our Operations Centre has been caused by Internet outages, as the radio calls are diverted via the network to the station monitoring the channel. When the internet goes down we have to handle the calls from our base in Whangamata.

G J Gardner rescue was called to two incidents during May. On 21 May we were called out to Mayor for a breakdown at North West Bay. On reaching the broken down vessel GJ Gardner Rescue received a second call to a vessel needing assistance 5 nautical miles to the east of Mayor. As the first vessel was safely anchored it was decided to rescue the second vessel as they were adrift in deep water. Gallagher Rescue from Waihi Coastguard was called in to assist by towing the first vessel safely back to Whangamata while GJ Gardner Rescue looked after the second vessel.

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