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(Whangamata Coastguard advises the cost for a tow by G J Gardner Rescue for non-members is $350 per operational hour.) 

While our Operational staff are all volunteers, the services we provide to the boating public incur an annual cost of some $68,000 (largely related to our Rescue Vessel running costs). Membership fees contribute significantly to meeting this cost.

The current Whangamata Coastguard membership fee is $95 per year (Pricing only available via Whangamata Volunteer Membership - Membership via Coastguard NZ is $135 per annum ), or a Lifetime fee of $1425.00 (these fees subject to annual review).

By becoming a member your vessel and on shore contact details are held in our data base. These details can prove invaluable in an emergency situation. If your vessel is disabled at sea, we will provide free assistance to get you back to a safe haven.

Whangamata Coastguard maintains close liason with other emergency agencies in the event of need. Weather forecasts provided at regular intervals throughout the day.

Whangamata Coastguard Membership Enquiries to:

Our 24/7 Phone No. 07 865 8800


Call into our Operations Centre at 619 Beach Rd

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