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Call outs August 2017

AUGUST 2017. All assisted vessels and persons on board returned safely to port.

12 Aug 3 solo Kayakers caught in strong Westerly winds and being blown offshore. Sighted approximately 200m out from the Whangamata Surf Club and in need of assistance. Coastguard Whangamata alerted for possible assistance. A Launch being a Vessel of Opportunity (VoOP) berthed at the wharf and on hearing VHF radio communications immediately cast off and went to the aid of the 3 kayakers. The VoOP successfully rescued and returned the kayakers and their kayaks to the wharf. There they were met and received treatment for hypothermia by the waiting St John’s ambulance crew.

A special THANKYOU to Carol Ann the VoOP for their assistance.

Total Coastguard man-hours 1hr.

17 Aug Yacht 10m. Dismasted in strong winds. 2 P.O.B. 8nm NNE of Whangamata entrance. A phone call was made from the yacht to Police for assistance. Police then alerted CG Whangamata. The CRV Gardner Ranger was tasked to assist and on arrival provided assistance in securing aboard the yacht, the mast, boom, rigging and sails to prevent trailing in the sea. CRV Gardner Ranger then escorted the yacht under its own power to the Whangamata entrance and then tow assisted the yacht to a marina berth.

Total Coastguard man-hours 51hrs.

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