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COASTGUARD   WHANGAMATA   CALLOUTS. SEPTEMBER  2018.             All assisted vessels and persons o

13 Sept. Launch 10m. No electrics. 2 P.O.B. Near Mayor Island. The Skipper alerted CGNZ Auckland by phone. Coastguard Whangamata responded to the call for assistance from CGNZ. CRV GJ Gardner Rescue met with the target vessel, assisted with battery jump start and both returned to port.

Total Coastguard man hours 24 hrs.

15 Sept. Launch. 12m. Engine failure. 5 P.O.B. Slipper Island. CRV GJ Gardner Rescue responded and tow assisted the vessel to a Whangamata Marina berth.

Total Coastguard man hours 28 hrs.

23 Sept. Power boat. 6m. Engine failure. 2 P.O.B. Near Terakihi Point. CRV GJ Gardner Rescue responded and tow assisted the vessel to the Whangamata launching ramp.

Total Coastguard man hours 16 hrs.

29 Sept. Power boat. 9m. Engine failure. 2 P.O.B. Near Clark Island. A call for assistance was received. CRV GJ Gardner Rescue Crew were placed on standby but were later stood down when the vessel was able to be mobilised and return to port.

Total Coastguard man hours 5 hrs.

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