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Moving Forward

On 2nd November 2018 Whangamata Volunteer Coastguard Radio Operations went live onto the new national, internet based Radio Communications Logging System. This new system allows operators nationwide to log and view trip reports from any location in NZ. Being internet based the new program is ideal for our home bases and Duty Officers who can log in from anywhere. The new program has an independent training module based on the live system which has made it very easy to teach and practice in real time with real boats and situations. The system also integrates into the new Coastguard Trip Logging APP available to all boaties via their Smartphones, IPAD's and Tablets. For more information on the APP go to: or your APP Store on your Smartphone.

A little bit of a learning curve but all of our regular operators are now trained on the new system and most have picked up the new technology very easily and are enjoying the versatility of the new program.

Many thanks to Don Worth for his extra effort in ensuring our operators are up to speed.

Barry King

Tutor/Coastguard Instructor/Safe Boating Advisor

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