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27 June CRV GJ Gardner Rescue, out during an on-water crew training night exercise, was tasked to investigate the reported sighting of a red flare near Whiritoa. A track search of the sea area was employed with negative result. It was then decided that after making radio contact with a vessel in transit to Whangamata, that the flare sighting, at the reported time, was most probably the red portside navigation light of the returning vessel, showing intermittently due to the sea swell action.

June was a quiet month for callout assistance. Other than the above, there were no other callouts received.

CRV GJ Gardner Rescue training for active Crew-members continued both on-water and on-shore. Included in on-water training was a day-long joint Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) near Tauranga, which also included 4 other Coastguard Eastern Region Units.

The months Training hours totalled;

100 hrs on-water and 200 hours on-shore classroom.

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